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Our Turkey based Infinity Green Chrome Studio is highly versatile, and ideal for all sorts of shoots. It is used for TV commercials, photo shoots, interviews, TV promos, news segments, music videos, multi-cam shoots, entertainment and live streaming, and lots more.

The facility is well known in the industry for being a premium yet highly flexible solution. All set within a comfortably air conditioned working environment, that has a client’s area looking over the studio, and has the added benefit of being available around 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

We offer our green screen studio on bases of dry/wet hire, as competitively priced ‘Studio with Kit’ packages at our client’s request. Please contact us re your requirements and we will tailor a package specific to your needs.

Depending on every enquiry the studio can be set up for ‘talking head’ shoots right through to a fully green environment with green flooring ideal for virtual sets. For those clients wanting to Chroma key in post we offer a great facility throughout for their shoot.

Our Infinity Chrome is said to be one of the best broadcast standard Chroma key available on the Turkey market today. Whether you want to simply key in a background for your talking head or put in a full virtual studio, we have the solution for you.

Our Facility provides wardrobe, and makeup rooms for actors and cast to comfortably get in gear for their shoot. The studio provides parking space, full air-conditioning, private client seating area, kitchenettes, gear storage facility, and toilets.

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