Our Services

Our Services
Facilitation & Services

We provide comprehensive fixing and facilitation services throughout Turkey. As the leading production servicing company in Turkey we are able to provide valuable information for film production houses and producers. Samurai has on ground representation in Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, and London and are always happy to arrange meetings to answer any questions you may have about filming in Turkey.

Filming Permits

Applying for filming permits usually takes from 15-20 working days, and could be facilitated through Samurai to provide you all the legal documents you would require to film in Qatar.

Gear Permits

Gear Permits can be issued in 3-5 working days, and would grant international production houses and filmmakers the means to be able to fly in their personal gear whenever they would like to film in Turkey.

Aerial Permits

Aerial Permits require 3-5 working days, and are used for projects wishing to fly drones or choppers for any form of aerial filming.

Production Crew

All production crew are available for your production through the Samurai team.

Transport & Logistics

Samurai productions has its own transportation vehicles, and are specifically specialised in desert mapping and base camp management in any required location.