Location Services:
Locations Management

Samurai’s main strength is finding and managing locations, any required locations throughout Turkey can be made available depending on the project and its availability for the requested shoot dates.

Locations Scouting

We have the biggest database of locations in Turkey, and our locations department will scout every location in Turkey to make sure all the directors and creative’s demands are met.

Locations Crew

All experienced locations crew are available to manage and organise locations and logistics for film and event projects upon request.

Locations Mapping

We produce comprehensive maps for films and events that would help our clients and customers to manage their projects and logistics immaculately.

Locations Support & Protection

Samurai is able to supply and install all location protection material depending on the location, the size of project, and the client’s requirements.

Location Permits

1. Applying for filming permits usually takes from 15-20 working days, and could be facilitated through Samurai to provide you all the legal documents you would require to film in Turkey.

2. Public locations: All public locations can be used as filming locations once the company has obtained a filming permit.

3. Private Locations: Most private locations will have their own secondary filming permit that would require 3-5 working days, and will usually have its very own separate fees depending on the entity.

Locations signage

Locations signage can be created on any scale or level, from the creative design to installations for any filming projects and/or event, to make sure everyone including client, agency, crew, and visitors can easily find your location and are made aware of certain rules or regulations surrounding your location.

Locations Database:

i. Transport
1. 4×4 SUV
2. Saloon
3. 4×4 Pick up truck
4. 7 Seater
5. 12 Seater
6. 24 Seater
7. Lighting / Gear Truck with Lifter
ii. Golf Carts
iii. Polaris
iv. Magliner
v. Port-A-Loo
vi. Car Trailer
vii. Tracking Vehicle
viii. Generators
ix. Radios
x. Clothing racks
xi. Power extensions
xii. Water jet
xiii. Fire extenguitures and safety
xiv. Air compressors
xv. Steamer
xvi. Trolleys
xvii. Tool kits
xviii. Apple Monitor
xix. Scaffolding
xx. Ladders
xxi. Easy Ups / Tables / Chairs / Bins / Ice Boxes
xxii. Arabian tents
xxiii. Wind Machines
xxiv. Sand Tracks
xxv. Sand bags
xxvi. Working lights
xxvii. Desert AC’s
xxviii. First Aid Kit
xxix. Air pump Jacks
xxx. Fuel tanks
xxxi. Jacks
xxxii. Axils